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Intelligent Librarian Agent April 2, 2009

Posted by Andre Vellino in CISTI, Citation, Data Mining, Digital library.

intelligent-agentDaniel Lemire has been pining for a research tool that will notify him of anything that may be relevant to his research needs: someone citing his work, other “smilar-to-his articles” that have recently been published and anything else that might be relevant to his research.

The idea of personalized software agents has been around for at least 10 years (e.g. at the MIT Media Lab and Carnegie Mellon University) but perhaps it’s time has come.  The editors of Technology Review believe that anyway and list an Intelligent Software Assistant as one of the top 10 technologies for 2009.

This got me thinking about other things besides Daniel’s suggestion that a Personalized Intelligent Librarian Agent might do for you:

  1. A collaborative filtering recommender such as the Synthese Recommender 0n CISTI Lab could be at the core of an alterting service that informs you about new articles that other people who are “like you” (based on a profile of your “bookmarked articles”) are reading / downloading / bookmarking.
  2. A service that informs you when a an article in your field has become a “sleeping beauty”. A “sleeping beauty” is a publication that has gone unreferenced for a long time and then suddenly attracts a lot of attention.
  3. A patent alert service that informs you about patents related to your recent research.  This is trickier than it seems because patent descriptions often deliberately obscure the nature of their inventions.

It’s good to know what some of the work we are doing at CISTI is going to have a role to play in satisfying scientific researchers’ information needs.


1. Daniel Lemire - April 2, 2009

I agree. Important work that someone must get done.

And you know, maybe CISTI could do it. And maybe even make a profit in the process.

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