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PageRank for Ranking Journals January 10, 2008

Posted by Andre Vellino in CISTI Visualization, Collaborative filtering, Recommender.

The latest entry in BioMed Central’s blog points us to an alternative database of journal citation metrics from Spain: SCImago.

It uses 13,000 journals, many from Scopus (one wonders – how did they get the IP rights to use the citation data?!)

Like EigenFactor, SCImago performs Journal Ranking using a PageRank-like algorithm.

SCImago also has a nice graphing tool that allows you to look at co-citations maps by subject:


and citation frequency bubble-charts:


by topic and by country for a given year.

It wouldn’t take much to animate sequences of these bubble-maps and show how citation numbers are changing over time, a bit the way Gapminder does it.

In the rankings by country over the past 10 years, Canada article citation ranking is consistently 7th by absolute numbers. On a per capita basis Canada is 6th in cited publications, ahead of the U.S., Germany and France; #1 and #2 per capita are Switzerland and Sweden.


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