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2,3 Turing Machine October 25, 2007

Posted by Andre Vellino in Logic.

I wonder if the recent proof  by Alex Smith that the smallest universal turing machine has 2 states and 3 colours is related to the fact that 3-SAT is NP-Complete.  Propositional variables have 2 states (0,1) and 3-SAT is the boolean satisfiability problem for conjunctions of  ternary disjunctions of propositional variables.  This can’t be a coincidence!


1. Daniel Lemire - October 27, 2007

Maybe not a bad intuition.

Ok, what this new result means is that you may as well try to solve 3-SAT using a (2,3) Turing machine, right?

So what does it tell us?

Email me if you have more thoughts…

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