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Reformating Text May 11, 2007

Posted by Andre Vellino in Visualization.

I can confirm the report on SlashDot that there are better ways to read text than as paragraph-blobs. “Live Ink” offers a poetic way of spacing and arranging text that works for me.

But also, about 10 years ago I experimented with word-at-a-time presentation (on what were then very small cell-phone displays) of text. So called “Rapid Serial Visual Presentation” can improve the rate of reading by a factor of 3.5. It’s quite interesting to try a demo of “FlashReader” that presents HTML one word at a time. Not great for reading a paper on quantum physics, perhaps, but maybe the NY Times.


1. Maarten van Emden - August 31, 2007

Thanks for this link and comment. It induced me to write an essay on the topic. You can find it in http://www.cs.uvic.ca/~vanemden/zzVentProse.html

2. Ventilated Prose « Synthèse - January 14, 2009

[…] 2009 Posted by Andre Vellino in Collaborative filtering. trackback Almost 2 years ago, I noted the invention of Live Ink as a (supposedly novel) method to make reading easier.  Maarten van Emden’s recent essay, […]

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