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What is Synthèse January 12, 2007

Posted by Andre Vellino in Epistemology, Philosophy of Science.

Welcome to my public blog. Its title, “Synthèse”, means “synthesis” in French (“an operation that goes from the simple to the compound, from the element to the whole” says a French dictionary of philosophy.)

Here, I intend to present some thoughts about information retrieval, logic and cognitive science as well as electronic libraries and information management. I hope it will cover a broad spectrum of subjects and live up to its name.

Synthèse is also a the name of a journal on epistemology and philosophy of science. I hope there will be some thoughts on that subject here as well. I am especially encouraged that this is a likelihood because I recently became re-acquainted with Brian Cantwell Smith at a symposium last December. Brian is a renegade epistemologist but also the Dean of Information Sciences at the University of Toronto, which gives me great hope for both library science and for epistemology.

I read Brian’s book “On the Origin of Objects” some years ago (was it really 10 years?), and I wrote a review of it for the last printed issue of Canadian Artificial Intelligence. I am still thinking about that book today and we can all look forward to his magnum opus The Age of Significance: An Essay on the Foundations of Computation and Intentionality, which should be out soon.


1. Enterprise Abstraction - January 15, 2007

CISTI Research

Andre Vellino, newly appointed to CISTI’s Research section, has started a new blog — Synthèse — about his experience and work at CISTI and areas of particular interest to library technology and scientific research. I intend to present some thoughts…

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